Louise Julig

Creative Nonfiction Writer: Personal essays, flash CNF, live storytelling
woman with short blonde hair standing at a microphone in a room with a darkened background

About me

I am a creative nonfiction writer living in in Southern California on Kumeyaay lands. I write mostly personal essays and flash nonfiction, but I also have a weird compunction to read slightly embarrassing true stories in front of a bar full of people at the VAMP storytelling showcase in San Diego.

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Where to find my work

What people are saying

about "Resistance" in Lunch Ticket

Your words on the bonds we have with other women, as well as the pure craft-y beauty of this essay made me feel recharged to go out into the world and work in whatever way I can for the women I love. This piece is a triumph. I will be sharing it with many readers and writers in my life. Thank you, thank you.
 — Joy L.

about "Forgetting the Cat" in FEED

I couldn’t stop thinking about this piece and what you had to say about grief and guilt. The ending was so powerful!

— Naira

about "Teeth" VAMP performance

You gave one of the best VAMPs in the history of VAMP with that piece about visiting your acquaintance in the hospital who had crap in her teeth. You do self-reflection and awkward moments like no one else!
— VAMP writing mentor Jennifer C.

about "March 194th" in the San Diego Decameron Project

Beautiful. I felt every detail, and the mood so resonated. 
— Fran E.

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