Former Engineer,
Grammar Stickler,
Nonfiction Fangirl:
What Can I Do for You?
  • Crafting a clean, concise, well-written piece that’s a perfect fit for its audience gets me jazzed; I aim to always give readers a memorable story while leaving the writing transparent. I love talking with people to find out what makes them tick and what gets them excited about the work they do. 
    My passion is telling compelling true stories, whether I'm writing case studies for business clients, profile articles for magazine editors, or simply to satisfy my own curiosity.

    My professional ethic is to deliver clean copy on time and to give the same attention to detail to every piece, from one-page business letters to in-depth features, case studies and white papers. I also have an obsession with hunting down and eliminating grammar, punctuation and usage errors and rewording confusing copy.
    I love making editors' jobs easier and giving clients exactly what they need—even if they can’t fully describe what that is just yet.
    Since 1997 I've amasssed dozens of article credits in publications including AAA Westways, Carlsbad Magazine, Encinitas Magazine and San Diego Family Magazine. I am also currently the staff case study writer for the leading social media site Social Media Examiner. As a copyeditor I edited Smooth Jazz News magazine for five years and have copyedited two nonfiction books. 
    As a business writer, I specialize in helping clients create persuasive and engaging marketing material with case studies and customer success stories. Contact Me to learn more about how I can hep you showcase your best customer stories.