Testimonial Interviews
Turn your best customers into your best advertising with testimonials, customer success stories and in-depth case studies. After meeting with you to learn your target audience and the key benefits you want to convey, I interview your customers and craft compelling success stories using their own words. Use the results as testimonials on your website, content for your blog, as downloadable case studies, in press releases and more — I'll show you how.
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  • Testimonial Interviews
    Generate word-of-mouth using your customers' own words

    Anyone who's ever had trouble getting high-quality testimonials about their product or service will appreciate this no-hassle solution. After meeting with you to learn your target audience and the key benefits you want to convey about your business, I interview your customers over the phone and craft compelling testimonials using their own words. Use the results on your website, as content for your blog, in press releases and more. 

  • Customer Testimonials for Vembra Holnagel, Social Media Marketer with Face It Up, interviewed by Louise Julig January 2012

    “Vembra gets this stuff. She was able to explain it in a way that we understand it, and make it work for us.”

    “Our Rotary club put on a new event for us, BrewFest Encinitas, and we had virtually no budget for advertising. I don’t know a whole lot about Facebook but I knew we needed to be on it. Vembra took over the social media marketing, and when she started with the Facebook and Twitter accounts, we really got an increase, not only in brewer participation, but also in ticket sales. She would post as BrewFest on the different breweries’ walls and say, ‘Why don’t you come to BrewFest Encinitas this year?’ And one thing led to another led to another — it was our own viral marketing campaign that worked out great. Our goal was just to break even, but we had 490 people show up and made over $7,000 for charity. That was a great success.” — Don Haake, BrewFest Encinitas Chairman, Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club

    “As restaurant owners, we have lots of things on our plate; Vembra helps watch things we don’t necessarily have time to.”

    “When Vembra started with us, we had a Facebook presence but it wasn’t configured correctly. She helped us turn that around and get it going in the right direction. We’ve gotten a lot more people to join on Facebook because of that, and we’ve seen new customers because of it. We communicate with Vembra weekly, sometimes daily, about what’s going on. She’s always providing new marketing ideas and coming up with new avenues that we can promote on Facebook and the other social media sites. I’ve been surprised at the depth of knowledge that she has and the marketing tools she has. It was way more in depth than I anticipated, so yeah, it’s been very good.” — Kent Esra, owner, Cobblestone Grill

    “If you were to ask me would I recommend Vembra, I would say absolutely yes.”

    “During the past year that I’ve been working with Vembra, we moved the salon to a new location, and having the social media in place during the move was great. She started out working with my email list through Constant Contact and then through the Facebook page. We notified guests via email, and whenever an email blast goes out we follow up with Facebook. Our Facebook activity has also grown 25 percent over the past year. Vembra really goes beyond the call of duty to get to know her clients, what their product is and what they’re all about. At Headlines, she also got to know the culture at the salon as well as the stylists individually to promote them, because although we have a common culture they are individual people.” — Gayle Fulbright, owner, Headlines The Salon
  • Customer Testimonials for Syndeo Communications, interviewed by Louise Julig
    October 2011

    It works. They were able to give us back our whole accounting program like I never even touched it.”

    “We were closing out 2010 when I accidentally deleted some files out of our accounting software. I was trying to reconstruct everything by putting in every invoice and every PO, but then realized that wasn’t working. I called Syndeo, and because of the way they have our server set up, they were able to literally give us back our whole accounting software to the day before I deleted everything. I had already spent a week and a half on it, and I would have been working 16 hours a day to piece it all together. What took them 48 hours probably would have taken me a good two months. That was huge.” — Jessica Torpey, Catalina Designs

    “When I got Syndeo, my problem got fixed.”

    “I was at a peak cycle in my business as a CPA and expecting an international package when I opened an email from ‘FedEx’ that ended up being a virus. My computer immediately looked like it was getting gobbled. It attacked Intuit files, which is most of my software, and I could not get past the login on any of those programs. I called Syndeo, and they hooked me up witha technician who logged in to my computer remotely and we worked through it together. He was very logical about how to approach my problem and did a reallygood job. It took about four hours start to finish to get it solved. Time is really money in my business, and I could not not have a computer right then.” — Joost van Adelsberg, CPA

    “For one of our busiest sales months we had no phone and no Internet.That’s when I called Syndeo.”

    “Last year there were heavy rains and flooding in our area of LA and we were without our T1 line for the month of December. We set up a workaround, but it probably impacted sales. After that I met with Syndeo and we mapped out a plan for what we would do if something like that happened again.Now we have a backup system that is running a mirror image of our server, so if anything happens to it, they just flip a switch and our computers can look at the mirror image. We also have a system set up so if the T1 goes down, our phone and Internet still work. The nice thing is, all the changes to the mirror image get backed up overnight to a remote location. I don’t even have to dealwith anything.” — Mike Elliot, Aquatic Life

  • Photo courtesy boselyxo on flickr.